KC DiversAbility Collective

The KC DiversAbility Collective (KCDC) is a bistate hub of community partners that provide disability services in the Greater Kansas City area.  The Collective meets monthly to share resources and report out on topics of interest to the network.  KCDC was formed following the KC DiversAbility College and Career Fair – as a way for stakeholders to collaborate and support youth with disabilities and families. KCDC is not currently affiliated with Diversability but a partnership could be developed in the future.


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Vocational rehabilitation services are much more extensive and perhaps misunderstood by many. My son completed an application at the Vocational Rehab table. He then followed up with them with a phone call after not hearing anything. He then made an appointment at the Northland office and met with a coordinator to discuss his needs.

Before he graduates with his Associates Degree, he will contact the office and they will assist with resume, interviews, employment etc. I had not heard of this service, but it is so needed and so grateful to have learned about this. It is another piece to assist our son in his life journey.

– Diane Hall, Parent

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