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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the KC DiversAbility College & Career Fair?

The KC DiversAbility College & Career Fair is an event organized by The Transition Academy, Down Syndrome Innovations, and Sherwood Autism Center. It is the only metro-wide event in Kansas City where young people with disabilities and their families can sign up and access employment, higher education, and government benefits on-the-spot, and receive follow-up support afterwards.

What are some of the opportunities available at the fair?

Some of the opportunities available at the fair include talking with college and job-training admissions counselors, designing a resume, interviewing for jobs or summer internships, exploring adult services (i.e. customized employment preparation and support), filling out forms for state and local services to pay for workforce, college, healthcare, housing, and other benefits.

What are the hours of the fair?

The fair will be open to pre-registered schools only from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm, and to the general public from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

When and where will the fair take place?

The fair will take place on April 6, 2023, at MCC-Penn Valley, Education Center, 3201 Southwest Trafficway, Kansas City, MO 64111.

Who can attend the fair?

The fair is open to young people with disabilities and their families, as well as to teachers, school staff, and other interested individuals. A friendly reminder each attendee must complete a registration form. Plese register using the following link:

Is there a fee to attend the fair?

No, there is no fee to attend the fair.

Will there be follow-up support after the fair?

Yes, The KC DiversAbility College and Career Fair is not just a one-time event. The process for accessing workforce, college, and government benefits is long and confusing. The Transition Academy will provide follow-up support after the fair to help connect you with the right resources and referrals. We will be available to support you after the fair so you can be successful.