2020 Transition Fair

Welcome to the 2020 Transition Fair!

Let The Transition Academy help guide & simplify your post-high school decisions! We have curated the process in steps, but YOU are empowered to navigate and explore these resources in whatever order, pace, and place you prefer. Best of luck and thank you for joining us here!

Welcoming Remarks

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Getting Started

Special Educator Jaclyn Kotowski designed a transition website full of resources to help you navigate your journey. Kim Riley walks you through the site to help you explore who to contact and where to go.

Step 1: Find a Support Coordinator

Support Coordinators or Case Managers are your point persons for working with you to find out what you’re eligible for and how to get the benefits and opportunities you deserve.

Step 2: Explore Career Paths

Vocational Rehabilitation services helps you figure out your interests and works with you to explore and land job opportunities. Learn more about how VR can help you.

Step 3: Apply for Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income

Among the benefits available to people with disabilities are Medicaid and SSI. Find out how the application works.

Step 4: Understand Guardianship

Once persons turn 18 years old, they are adults and considered legally competent to make decisions for themselves. In some cases, guardianship is pursued. Cori M. Smith, of Legal Aid of Western Missouri, explains this process.

Step 5: Learn About All Your Options

Here is an A to Z listing of some of Kansas City’s college, employment and life skills programs with specific resources to help people with disabilities to be successful. Explore opportunities that match your interests.

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