The Transition Academy’s overall goal is to improve access to postsecondary education and competitive integrated employment for the students and graduates through targeted classroom-based career exploration; dual enrollment programs; customized employment opportunities and supports; and work readiness partnerships.

These efforts are timely and important, for by 2030, 65% of jobs in Missouri, and Kansas City, are expected to require a postsecondary credential (). KCPS students and graduates with disabilities are not prepared for this economic shift and require additional assistance to become competitively employed. Black and brown youth with disabilities face greater problems finding employment and accessing postsecondary education after high school.

Currently, students and parents find out about post-high school opportunities from teachers, state support coordinators and word of mouth. Black students are at a disadvantage because their networks are often limited and don’t give them access to the broad range of options. People with disabilities, no matter the type, tend to be income poorer than those without disabilities in the United States. They are more likely to be unemployed, underemployed, and lack the resources to obtain postsecondary credentials leading to competitive integrated employment. Affording postsecondary education is a major issue for KCPS and charter school Black and brown graduates.

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